Audio in Windows 7 with Boot Camp on Apple MacBook

I’ve been running Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) on a white Core2Duo MacBook for quite some time now but could never get the audio working and there was a red light coming out of the Aux port.  I was had used the Snow Leopard Boot Camp drivers on the CD and this had worked for most of the other devices.  Any drivers I downloaded and installed from the web failed to work.  I got a great tip for dealing with this problem on:  The key seems to be running the installer Administrator in Vista compatibility mode…

  • Insert the Snow Leopard install CD
  • Browse to \Boot Camp\Drivers\IDT SigmaTel
  • Right-click the “SigmaTelSetup.exe” file and choose “Troubleshoot compatibility”
  • Choose “Troubleshoot program” choose the first tick box and hit “Next”
  • Choose “Windows Vista” and then “Next”
  • Choose “Start the program…” and then “Next”
  • The driver will now install, click on the progress balloon  on the bottom right of the screen and click the hyperlink to skip Windows Update driver checking
  • When the process completes you’ll just need to click the option to say it completed successfully and then hit “Close”.
  • Then choose to restart the computer

This did the trick for me anyway, I hope it does for you.


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