Recovering Unsaved Documents in Microsoft Office

I got a set of worried messages from a customer of mine recently who had fired up Microsoft Word and proceeded to create a document without saving it.  After spending hours on it they then shut down their PC and accidentally clicked on the option to to not save the document.  Was there a way to get it back?

After a little bit of digging I found the answer.  There are two ways to resolve this:

1. Quicker, slightly more techie method:

-  Open a Windows Explorer window and browse to the following location:

-  c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

-  There should be a file or files with the ASD extension.  One of these will hopefully be the file you are missing.

-  Double-click to check and see - the files should open up with Word.

2. Slower but less techie method:

-  Open up Microsoft Word and just click on a Blank Document template to get started.
-  Click on the File menu and then click Info
-  Click on Manage Document
-  Click Recover Unsaved Documents
-  This will bring up an Open window at the location listed in Option 1
-  Choose the most likely file in the list and click Open
-  Once you've found the file you were looking for make sure to save it


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