Stop the Exchange account getting set as default in Outlook

By default in a Microsoft Small Business Server environment, every time a user logs into their client PC a script is run which (among other things) changes their Outlook profile, setting their default account to the Exchange server.

This can be a major pain for users who have a POP account(s) setup as default in their Outlook profile.  It means that each time they login they must go into Tools | Accounts and set their POP account to be default.

There is thankfully a fairly straightforward fix…

  • Open REGEDIT on the client computer (Start | Run | regedit) and navigate to HKEY Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\ClientSetup.
  • Create a DWORD entry here named “NoTransportOrder” and give this a value of “1”.
  • The transport order will not be changed next time the user logs in.

In my opinion it’s way better to have your clients setup to use Exchange and have Exchange send and receive email for them.  Having clients collecting POP is messy.  But in the real world we don’t often get to do things by the book.

This fix draws from content found at and


Anonymous said…
This worked on two of the computers we're having this problem with but on a third computer...there is no smallbusinessSever under the HKEY Local Machine\Sofware\Microsoft so I don't know where to go from here for that last machine!

steve said…
Has the third computer been joined to the server's domain?

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