What version of Office do I have?

Prior to Microsoft Office 2007, finding out what version you were running was very straightforward.  You clicked on the “Help” menu bar item and then on “About”.  Generally you would do this to find out not just what version you were running (i.e. Office 2003) but what Service Packs had been installed (e.g. Service Pack 1).


Recently I needed to quickly find out whether a customer’s Office 2007 installation had been upgraded with Service Pack 1.  I was stumped for a short while!  Where on earth was one to find the equivalent?

To save you the hassle, here’s the answer…

Click on the new “Office Button”, choose the relevant “Options” button at the very bottom of the menu, e.g. if you’re in Excel it will be “Excel Options”.  Then click “Resources”, and finally “About” – in fact you can probably see all you need to know at the bottom of the “Resources” screen without having to click “About”.

I’m sure they could have buried it a little more if they really put their minds to it!


Michael said…
Thank you so much! Saved me a lot of searching.
Chuck said…
Thank you! I can't believe the designers buried this 4 levels deep.
Bingo Rose said…
Thank you for this post. Some things are just buried too deep.

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