Rotating your screen

The other day I was messing around with my laptop and inadvertently hit a combination of keys that rotated my screen right by 90 degrees.  I had seen this facility a long time ago and I had forgotten what the keystrokes were.

Inevitably what followed was a rapid googling of the appropriate keyboard shortcut to restore normality.  The shortcuts are simple, fairly logical, and I include them here for your convenience.  You never know, you might actually need to rotate your screen around one day…

CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow – Normal View

CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow – Rotate by 180 degrees (upside down)

CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow – Rotate Left by 90 degrees

CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow – Rotate right by 90 degrees

Note: apparently the shortcuts can vary and depend on your graphics card manufacturer, some seem to respond to CTRL + SHIFT + R.


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