Patching against the Conficker worm

The Win32Conficker worm takes advantage of a vulnerability in the Server service of pretty much all versions of Windows and allows a remote attacker to take control of the infected computer.

According to Microsoft "Most anti-virus software could detect and block the Conficker worm, so if you have updated anti-virus software on your computer, you are at a much lower risk of being infected by the Conficker worm."

However, it is also recommended to ensure your Windows OS is patched so that you are not vulnerable to the threat.  In order to ensure you are patched against this nasty piece of work please follow the steps below...

1. Find out what version of Windows you are running

  • Hold down the Winlogo button (looks like the Windows icon) and tap once on R
  • Type "winver" and hit Enter
  • You will be able to read off what version of Windows you have, e.g. in the image below I can tell that I have Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3.


2. Download the correct patch for your Windows version

3. Apply the patch

  • Navigate to where you saved the patch and double-click it
  • Follow any on-screen prompts that appear

To find out more about Conficker have a look here:


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