Disabling AutoPlay in Windows

By default in Windows, AutoPlay kicks in when one inserts a CD-ROM, DVD, or USB drive containing some content - e.g. documents, images, music, or video.  Depending on your version of Windows and the content on the device, Windows may auto-run an installer (e.g. an Office install CD) or ask you what to do (e.g. open a folder to view files, play the music files with Media Player).

Some people find this feature annoying.  Another, more important issue is that the Conficker worm uses the feature to automatically jump from an infected USB drive onto the host PC.

To turn of the feature please follow one of the two methods...

Windows XP:

  • Download TweakUI.exe... http://www.artifact.ie/applications/tools
  • Install TweakUI.exe and then run the application
  • Expand (click +) "My Computer", then expand "AutoPlay"
  • Click on the "Types" option on the left and un-tick all boxes
  • Also, click on the "Drives" option on the left and un-tick all boxes
  • Click OK


Windows Vista:

  • Open the Control Panel (Start | Control Panel)
  • Click on “Play CDs or other media automatically”
  • Un-tick the tick-box called "Use Auto Play for all media and devices"




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This disabling tip is really good.

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