An Exabyte sounds like a lot

Recently I was watching Ocean’s 13 which passed the time reasonably pleasantly.  There was a supposedly awesome computer which our handsome heroes had to overcome called “The Greco”.  Apparently it stored its data “in a field of Exabytes”.

This got me thinking about all the different storage metrics and the fact many of us can get them confused.  I decided to pop the following list down for your viewing pleasure…

Name Abbreviation Amount
bit b Fundamental unit of data storage
Nibble   4 bits
Byte B 8 bits
Kilobyte kB 1024 Bytes
Megabyte MB 1024 Kilobytes
Gigabyte GB 1024 Megabytes
Terabyte TB 1024 Gigabytes
Petabyte PB 1024 TB
Exabyte EB 1024 PB

An Exabyte is seriously huge!  If you take it that DVD quality video requires a bandwidth of around 5Mbits/s plus about 0.45Mbits/s for its audio that gives a total bandwidth of 5.45Mbits/s.  This equals 0.68MB/s.  Now an Exabyte is a million million MB so divide that by 0.68, then by 60, then by 24, and finally by 365 and the answer is:

An Exabyte would be able to store 46,632 hours of playback time!!


Anonymous said…
So, when in 2007 the first 1TB harddisk was announced, this computer already had a million of them connected :)

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