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Windows10 Creator's Update

The #Windows10 Creator's Update is a good one. Goes on without hassle, has some nice new features, and has sorted out some printer gremlins. — Steve Garvey (@artifactireland) April 26, 2017 from Twitter April 26, 2017 at 01:03AM via IFTTT

Acronis Snap Deploy Boot Disk Woes

A while back I ran into some issues trying to boot a client PC through Acronis SnapDeploy: v3 boot disk wouldn't see HDD but saw NIC v4 boot disk would see HDD but not NIC v4 PXE was same as above Eventually I concluded that the driver for NIC on v3 boot disk was dodgy. Solution: Download Windows AIK 1.6 for XP/Vista Install on Acronis machine. Build PE boot for PXE and add drivers for the NIC Boot from PXE

Not seeing YouTube thumbnails

I've encountered this issue a number of times at customer sites protected by good quality firewalls with web content filtering. The issue is that you can view a YouTube video but the thumbnails for the videos you want to watch don't show up in YouTube.  This makes browsing YouTube less than entertaining and a little tiresome. To resolve this issue you need to un-block or allow access to the following domain on your firewall:

Windows Updates not being found

One more thing regarding Windows Updates... In order for Windows updates to work properly your firewall must allow access to the following domains:

Fix 0x000000A0 INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR issue

A while back I encountered a nasty little BSOD:   0x000000A0 INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR After some digging I discovered that this seems to relate to the size of the Windows Hiberfile being less than 100% that of the system's RAM. The fix is as follows: - Open elevated Command Prompt - Type "powercfg -hibernate -size 100" and hit Enter

Can't uninstall HP Client Security Manager

On certain models of HP ProBook one will encounter an error when trying to uninstall the HP Client Security Manager software. Here is the solution: Disable the DVD/CD drive in Device Manager Uninstall HP Client Security Manager Reboot the laptop Then re-enable the DVD/CD drive

Resolving the Stuck on Checking for Updates issue in Windows 7

Lately I've been finding Windows Updates under Windows 7 to be a real pain.  One of the more common issue is where Windows gets stuck on checking for updates.  This can go on indefinitely. The following steps often resolve the issue.  I say often because in some rare cases the issue can persist... - Open an admin command prompt - Enter "net stop wuauserv" - Run KB3138612.msu - Restart PC - Open an admin command prompt - Enter "net stop wuauserv" - Run KB3102810.msu - Enter "net stop wuauserv" - Run KB3135445.msu - Run WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab - Run WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab again (must see everything fixed) - Run Windows Update and check for updates One last thing: always make sure you have the latest version of the Windows Update Client.