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McAfee does my head in

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: to all intents and purposes installing McAfee Anti-virus software is pretty much as bad as getting a virus.  There, I said it.  Again. I’ve lost count of how many problems I’ve had with customer PCs over the years where the root of the problem was McAfee in one or another of its hideous incarnations.  But here’s one that’s fresh in my head because I’ve only just sorted it out… A customer had a PC that wouldn’t connect to the iTunes Store in iTunes.  He could do everything else with iTunes, just not connect to the store.  Actually, now I think of it he probably wouldn’t have been able to use the internet radio stations in iTunes either.  He could access the internet and send/receive emails just fine.  iTunes just refused to play ball.  When I ran the Diagnostics in iTunes I got an error –3221. Well what could cause this?  Probably a firewall I thought.  The customer had McAfee Security Center with VirusScan and Personal Firewall.  They also

iOS 4 coming 21st of June

Those of you with iPhones have something juicy to look forward to:  iOS 4 is to be released on the 21st of June.  iOS is the new name for iPhone OS, the iPhone’s operating system.  iOS is currently at 3.1.3.  Version 4 is a major upgrade and promises some really nice new features such as: Multitasking – run more than one app at the same time and switch between them Folders – group apps together Mail improvements – unified inbox (all emails from all accounts in one inbox), more than 1 exchange account, open attachments in 3rd party apps, organise by thread (like Gmail) iBooks – eBook reader and online store Creation of playlists on the iPhone rather than in iTunes 5x digital zoom Tap to focus video Faces and Places in Photos - view photos based on who’s in them and where they were taken Home screen wallpaper - change the background wallpaper on your Home screen Gift apps - send apps as gifts to your friends or family Spell checking - built-in