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Backup your Outlook

Why not do this today?  Nothing to lose, everything to gain… File | Import and Export Choose Export to a file Choose Personal Folder File (.pst) Highlight your Mailbox and tick the Include subfolders tickbox Browse to where you want it to save the backup Click Finish Apply a password if you're really paranoid - will you remember it in maybe 2 years time Click OK

Performing a clean install of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard seems to be a little different to its predecessors when it comes to performing a clean installation/re-installation.  The following needs to be done: Boot off the OS X install DVD – place DVD in drive, restart Mac, hold down C when it “bongs” and keep it held until you see the Apple logo with a spinning wheel Click Continue when you see Welcome to OS X Snow Leopard Choose Utilities and then Disk Utility In Disk Utility click on your hard drive on the left, choose Erase and go with the defaults (OS X Extended (Journaled)) Once the drive has been erased select Quit from the Disk Utility menu Back in the install screen click Continue Choose your newly erased hard drive, agree to the license and click Install The installation process should now run for about 30 minutes After that you’ll have to fill in your personal info, location details, network/wireless info, etc. Hope this helps!

Bill Gates speech on energy and climate

At TED2010, Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world's energy future, describing the need for "miracles" to avoid planetary catastrophe and explaining why he's backing a dramatically different type of nuclear reactor. The necessary goal? Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050.

Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement Speech 2005


Resetting Apple Time Capsule with Blinking Amber Light

I’ve been playing with a 500GB Apple Time Capsule.  I had often thought of these devices as a bit of a joke, very expensive (as usual for Apple) and why only give it a single hard drive?  Why not two and then you could setup RAID-1?  Typical Apple compromises, form over function, etc. However, in use these are rather nice products.  They look nice and discrete, and have a lovely user interface (although it’s a shame you can’t access the interface via a web browser).  Maybe one drive is enough for the normal user who possibly never even did any backups before this. I’ll report back after more use… However, when I first got my hands on this used model it was completely unresponsive, just flashing its amber light slowly.  A bit of digging on the net revealed that it was probably best to reset it and here’s how: Turn the device on and wait a minute.  Hold in the reset button at the back with something small and pointy for about 5 seconds until the front light flashes quickly.  Then

AFP Problems with Mac OS X Tiger Update 10.4.11

I recently installed a Synology DS209 NAS in a customer’s site and was very happy with its level of performance and ease of setup.  Using SMB/CIFS I was getting about 40MB/s copying a file from it to my MacBook running Windows 7 under Boot Camp.  That is seriously fast!  My D-Link DNS-323 manages about 12MB/s and a 512GB Apple Time Capsule I’m currently playing with struggles along at about 7MB/s. Things were a bit slower over AFP which seems to be fairly much to be expected.  One Mac running Leopard was fine, another running Tiger 10.4.5 was also fine.  However, one of the customer’s machines was giving awful trouble.  This old iMac G5 had been updated some time back with 10.4.11.  The shared folders would mount but you could barely use the share for a second before it ground to a halt and the Finder became unresponsive and had to be Relaunched. I tried everything I could think of… updating firmware on the NAS, changing the network switch, playing with TCP/IP and AppleTalk setting