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An Exabyte sounds like a lot

Recently I was watching Ocean’s 13 which passed the time reasonably pleasantly.  There was a supposedly awesome computer which our handsome heroes had to overcome called “The Greco”.  Apparently it stored its data “in a field of Exabytes”. This got me thinking about all the different storage metrics and the fact many of us can get them confused.  I decided to pop the following list down for your viewing pleasure… Name Abbreviation Amount bit b Fundamental unit of data storage Nibble   4 bits Byte B 8 bits Kilobyte kB 1024 Bytes Megabyte MB 1024 Kilobytes Gigabyte GB 1024 Megabytes Terabyte TB 1024 Gigabytes Petabyte PB 1024 TB Exabyte EB 1024 PB