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Happy New Year!

Forgot to say, I hope you have a truly fantastic 2009!

Vista File Permission Tantrums

I came across a rather interesting/annoying problem in Windows Vista today – just like any other day with Vista really... When one tried to save a file to a mapped drive the following error message would appear: "There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost" Very odd. I disconnected and reconnected the mapped drive, same thing. I checked and double-checked permissions – both share-level and NTFS permissions were all adequate. I applied as many updates/patches as I could find for Windows and Norton. Strangely, one could copy a file from, say, the desktop into the mapped drive without any issue. But if one tried to right-click and create a new file/folder on the mapped drive the same error came up. After trawling some forums I noticed that Offline Files reared its head quite a few times. I thought I'd try disabling it as it wasn't being used... To do this: Hit Start, type "offline files" into the search box and th